Fine dining in Bhimtal, near Nainital

Itmenaan lodges are rooted in local culture and regional cuisine forms an integral part of our dining experience. The local cuisine in this region is the distinct Kumaoni food which is mildly spiced, highly nutritious and very appealing to the palate. At Fredy’s Bungalow, you will sample some popular mouth-watering recipes of this cuisine, prepared using fresh ingredients.

Besides Kumaoni food, a wide selection of regular Indian and Continental dishes are served. The venue for dining could be the lovely living room, the corner dining room, the veranda that looks at the lush green forests, or one of the many nooks and corners which our staff will surprise you with!

We use fresh, seasonal produce sourced locally, with seasonally changing menus designed around what is currently available. Milk, meat, and poultry are also procured on daily basis as we do not use deep freezers.

We realize that the main purpose of a holiday is to break the routine and, as per Itmenaan philosophy, we do not set any fixed breakfast, lunch or dinner hours. Meals are available at the time of your preference. Furthermore, our kitchen is open throughout the day and there is a never-ending supply of snacks and soft beverages.

Those who wish to venture out and explore the surroundings will be provided picnic lunches.