Itmenaan Lodges - Social Responsibility

Responsibility to the local community

    We do not believe in working in isolation of or without the local communities. Indeed, commitment to the local communities is the key to our overall Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

  • At the closing of each fiscal year we will allocate 10% of our profits for development of the local community with particular emphasis on health and education
  • We only purchase locally grown/made products wherever possible and practice fair-trade. Our priority is to purchase most of our requirements from the nearest villages and the surrounding towns.
  • Most of our employees are local villagers who have been trained by us in hospitability. Thus, not only do the local communities benefit from our project but also long term employment skills are developed
  • We encourage our employees to be active in the community
  • We encourage our guests to see community works and participate in appropriate manner with such works

Environmental Responsibility