Traditional Punjabi Cuisine

The people of Punjab love to eat; and this is reflected in their delicious, hearty regional cuisine. So delicious is Punjabi fare that it has not just wowed Indians all over the country but the world at large. People the world over, in fact, often identify Indian cuisine with Punjabi food, as there are few who haven't heard of Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken.....At Punjabiyat we endeavour to do justice to the reputation of Punjabi cuisine and like to believe that the Punjabi food served here is one of the finest available anywhere.

The smell of fresh earth mixed with oxygen-laden air, the feel of cool country breeze on your face, the sight of butter melting on hot aloo parathas — this is a slice of life at Punjabiyat.

Breakfast comprises of Punjabi delicacies such as straight-off-the-fire stuffed paranthas, poori–subzi or chole-bhature. Of course there are eggs cooked to your preference with breads, cereals, fruits, etc.

You cannot have two Punjabi meals in a day so lunch is usually light comprising of continental dishes from around the world.

You get to experience the Punjabi food and hospitality at its best during our lavish open air barbecue dinner where a sizzling array of succulent kebabs cooked over glowing coals are served with a range of other North Indian fare.

To enhance your culinary experience we serve each meal in a different setting. Our kitchen never closes, so you can dine on your schedule or on a whim. Everything is prepared from scratch and all products are sourced from within a 50 mile radius to benefit the local communities and reduce our carbon footprint.