About Us

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Simple, stylish lodges in India
Itmenaan can variously be defined to mean ‘relaxation’, ‘at ease’, ‘at peace’. Indeed, this is what we intend to offer to our guests staying at Itmenaan Lodges. At Itmenaan Lodges we believe ‘Luxury’ is not only about expensive interiors, private pool villas and butler service, uniqueness of an experience, which is not commonly available, is the new ‘luxury’. Exclusivity of an experience is the new style statement for the sophisticated traveller. Simple is new ‘stylish’.

Providing sophisticated lodging facilities and stimulating experiences that give a traveller the touch and feel of the local surroundings is what we hope to provide. We intend to offer lodging facilities with an acute sensitivity for the area’s environment, animal habitats, people and culture. Our lodges may be in areas of outstanding natural beauty or in rural hinterland or in utter wilderness or crowded downtown area of an old world town or deep inside a wildlife park. Essentially each of the Itmenaan lodge will be marked by:

Small, intimate and rooted in local culture:

Modelled on ‘low impact and high quality tourism’, each lodge will have its own distinct personality according to the place it is located. A traveller will never wake up wondering which city or hotel he is in.

Stylishly simple and sophisticated:

Devoid of overwhelming gadgetry, at each lodge the emphasis is on privacy and comfort. While all creature comforts are assured, the exclusivity is defined by the uniqueness of experience.

Interpretive knowledge of the surroundings:

A high level of interpretation of the surroundings will be a huge emphasis. Know the sights, sounds and smells of the surroundings and interpret them with the help of our people.

Great Food And Discreet Service​

Food is a serious matter – excellent food and great drinks are what holidays are made of. Extremely high levels of efficient but unobtrusive service customised to the desires of individual guests.

Interpretive knowledge of the surroundings:

Each lodge has to be sensitive not just to the physical but also the cultural environment. Be it use of water and energy efficient equipment, or hiring majority of team members from the local community, using indigenous materials and craftsmen and procuring fresh produce directly from the local farmers