Punjabiyat is currently being built in a different yet better place. We hope to reopen it on October 2023.

The people of Punjab love to eat; and this is reflected in their delicious, hearty regional cuisine. So delicious is Punjabi fare that it has not just wowed Indians all over the country but the world at large. At Punjabiyat we endeavour to do justice to the reputation of Punjabi cuisine and like to believe that the Punjabi food served here is one of the finest available anywhere. The smell of fresh earth mixed with oxygen-laden air, the feel of cool country breeze on your face, the sight of butter melting on hot aloo parathas — this is a slice of life at Punjabiyat. 


Food is a serious matter in Punjabi culture and hence our food is emblematic of how Punjab welcomes you with its bounty. Breakfast comprises of breads, cereals, fruits and eggs cooked to choice. Punjabi delicacies such as straight-off-the-fire stuffed paranthas, poori–subzi or chole-bhature are also served.

Continental Lunch

Lunch is usually a continental or Typical Punjabi affair.

Punjabi Grill

You can also enjoy typical Punjabi lunch on a charpai at Punjabiyat near the farms. You will be served traditional Punjabi Lunch like Lassi, Sarson ka saag and Makke di roti, Kheer made of Sugarcane, Raita, Stuffed Naan, Butter Chicken/ Paneer and Dal makhni with white butter.

North Indian Maincourse

Dinner comprises of an open air barbecue where a sizzling array of succulent kebabs cooked over glowing coals are served with a range of other North Indian fare.