Gluten Free Holidays at Itmenaan!

We are pleased to announce that our resorts, Punjabiyat near Amritsar and Fredy’s Bungalow at Bhimtal, are now celiac friendly and gluten free friendly!

With awareness sessions and guidance by Celiac India & Beyond Foundation, our key staff is aware of celiac disease, cross-contamination and the importance of providing safe gluten free meals for a celiac individual.

  • Following additional steps have been taken in our kitchen:
  • Separate set of cooking and serving utensils has been procured and color coded for clear distinction
  • Separate area within the kitchen has been demarcated and separate gas burner placed there to prepare gluten free meals
  • New packets of oil, ghee, spices, salt, sugar will be procured for gluten free guests and used for them
  • Most of the spices will be ground fresh for the gluten free guests upon their arrival
  • Food provided to our guests is prepared from fresh ingredients. For gluten free guests, this will be especially kept in mind, including for items like paneer, which too we can prepare in house
  • From starters to desserts, we have identified a variety of dishes which will be prepared with fresh ingredients
  • Prior to booking and arrival, our team would discuss the menu and ingredients with you and plan accordingly

You are also welcome in the kitchen if you would like to see your food being prepared or if you want to cook yourself. You could provide us with ingredients, if you wish, which we can use for preparing a specific dish.

It is our endeavor to take all possible care and provide a memorable holiday experience to all our gluten free guests. However, we would like to inform you that we do not have a dedicated gluten free kitchen and hence, chances of cross contamination are present.

We would also like to highlight that our award winning resort, Punjabiyat, is set amidst fields where wheat is cultivated from November to April. May till October maybe a more suitable time to visit there for the gluten free guests when rice is grown in our farms.

Please write to us at [email protected] or call on +91-9818705508 to discuss a gluten-free holiday with us.

For more information on Celiac India, please visit their website: www.celiacindia.org.in or their Facebook page: Celiac India and Beyond Foundation