Itmenaan Estate

Itmenaan Estate is a fairytale resort in a peaceful rural setting near Binsar in the Kumaon Himalayas. The 10-acre resort includes virgin pine, oak, and rhododendron trees; terraced fields laden with seasonal fruits and vegetables; and to top it all, a small private perennial natural spring. This resort near Binsar offers panoramic views of the Himalayas including the majestic Nanda Devi. The 100-year-old traditional Kumaoni style stone house in the resort has been painstakingly restored. Near to this house there are two independent cottages, Pine cottage (single story) and Deodar cottage (double story) built in traditional style.

Kindly note, the estate is easily accessible by road and we have parking at the property. From the parking, there is a 3-5 minute walk towards the room and cottages.

Rooms at the Resort

Itmenaan estate offers 5 tastefully designed rooms in all – we have three rooms in the main structure (one Kafal and two Oak Rooms). There are two standalone cottages – one Pine and another Deodar. All the rooms have been painstakingly built in the local stone architecture style.have been painstakingly restored from a 100-year-old traditional Kumaoni stone-style cottage.

Oak & Kafal Rooms

Three rooms have been painstakingly restored from a 100-year-old traditional Kumaoni stone-style cottage.

All rooms offer a day bed by the window and boast excellent views of the valley and the snow-clad Himalayas.

Pine & Deodar Cottages

Pine and Deoadar cottages are stand-alone suites that offer stunning views of the valley and Himalayan peaks. Both offer exclusive outdoor sitting areas. They are ideal for people looking for exclusivity and seclusion.

Deodar cottage has an additional sitting area below the bedroom.

Our Bathrooms

The Bathroom construction at the resort near Binsar is a stunning example of traditional local architecture that involves stacking local stones one above the other without using any cementing material in a ‘dry stack’, locally called ‘kori chinai’. 

Large bathrooms, with a glass roof to allow sun light to come in, are fitted with all modern fixtures and have running hot and cold water at all times. You can say its arguably one of the best bathrooms in the Himalayas.

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At Itmenaan Estate, you are served delicious and well thought out recipes that range from traditional Kumaoni, regular North Indian, to dishes from the Western world.


The main lounge at the Estate is centrally located and consists of a cozy dining area with a few books to keep company. A perfect place to just laze around or read a book or just relax with family and friends.



Bird Watching at Itmenaan resort binsar

Bird Watching

Our guests taking the cycle root at Fredy's Bugalow,Bhinsar


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