Activities & Excursions

At Itmenaan Estate you may choose to just ‘do nothing’Laze around or read a book
1. Enjoy the warmth of campfire
2. Gaze at the countless stars in night time sky
3. Admire mesmerising valleys and snow clad peaks
For those who are a little more adventurous, there are a number of activities on offer to keep your busy:

1. Partake in farming and gardening within the Estate
2.Walk to nearby villages to share tea with locals
3. Hike to the highest point for enchanting views
4. Roam the beautiful oak and rhododendron forests
On any of the longer walks you will be accompanied by one of our guides who will share his knowledge about the region and help you connect with the local people.


Jageshwar Temples

Look out for the barking deer while strolling down the road from Fredy's Bunglow

Almora town

Chitai Temple

architecture tour

ghantika top

At the Estate

Local village walk

Our guests taking the cycle root at Fredy's Bugalow,Bhinsar


bird watching

farming & gardening

One of guests taking the Rhododenron trek at Itmenaan Himalayan Village Walks

Oak & rhododendron forest

Read a book and chill amidst the scenery at at Itmenaan Estate, Binsar

do nothing