Activities & Excursions

A stay at Punjabiyat is a great way to unwind and re-connect with the country life. At Punjabiyat there is a lot to do and equally there are a lot of reasons for doing nothing.

Those of a lazy disposition may be happy just to sit out in the front deck of their cottage or the cosy lounge and gaze at the glorious fields during the day and starlit sky at night. There is nothing to disturb the calm unless you count the chirping of birds or the crops swaying in the fields.

You can partake in various farming activities around Punjabiyat, feel and smell the soil of this fertile land and temporarily forget your urban existence. A dip in our tube-well tank with water gushing out at full force is quite an invigorating experience.

Setting out from Punjabiyat there are extensive opportunities for walking and cycling with a good network of trails.

At Punjabiyat


Buffalo milking

tractor ride

tonga ride

local village visit

sikh history discussion

do nothing

Around Punjabiyat

visit amritsar

wagah border

gurudaspur market

harike wetland